Friday, October 31, 2008

The seasons...they are a-changin'

Please accept my sincerest apologies, loyal readers (all 3 of you), for going so long between posts. This semester is turning out to be crazier than I'd expected, but I'm falling in love with autumn all over again. There's just nothing like that crisp, cool scent of football and crunchy leaves in the air. (Yeah, yeah...I'm a nerd.)

I've been thinking a lot about changing seasons lately. Recently I had the joyous privilege of being Jenn Sloane (Carter!)'s maid of honor, and there's nothing like a wedding to make you think about seasons of life. My best friend is embarking on a new chapter in her journey through life, and that's wonderfully exciting. It's a time of spring for her, full of newness and freshness and beginning, and I couldn't be happier for her and Chris.

I feel like spring is right around the corner for me too...not necessarily in the boy department, but in the new life chapter department. With each day that passes, I get closer and closer to December 2009 and graduation and the opportunity to start afresh in a new town, a new church, and a new life. Don't get me wrong...I'll miss Baton Rouge and Istrouma and all the wonderful people in my life here, but there's this little butterfly in my chest who is very much looking forward to flying away and the freedom that comes with starting over.

Until then...I'm just trusting and growing and enjoying autumn. :)