Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three Semesters Down...Two to Go!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially over halfway through library school...and somehow I miraculously still have a 4.0. That's gotta be a God thing. Praise Jesus that I graduate in seven months! Woo hoo! Then the door's wide open, and that scarily exhilarating! Here I am, Lord. Send me...your little librarian. :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying my month between semesters and filling my weekends with mini-vacations while I can. Last weekend I took a quick trip up to MS to see Staci graduate. I still can't believe my little sister is out of college now! Makes me feel quite ancient. I had a lovely drive up Hwy. 61 through St. Francisville, Natchez, Port Gibson, Vicksburg, and the Delta. I don't know how you can drive that stretch and not fall in love with the South. It made me want to put on a big hoop dress, sit on the front porch of a big antebellum house and drink lemonade. Sigh.

This weekend I'm off to the beautiful city of New Orleans to visit some friends and family. I think I love New Orleans a little more every time I quaint and historic. I'm definitely going to have to move somewhere with a thrilling history and a unique story...not that Baton Rouge doesn't have one of those, but still.

Then Memorial Day weekend, I'll hit the road for Houston to see the TAYLORS!!! WOO and HOO!!! Can't wait. I'm so excited to hear about how God's moving their hearts closer and closer to Uganda with each passing day, and this is only the beginning of how God's going to work in and through them.

In other, totally unimportant news...two of my favorite couples made the finals on Dancing with the Stars! Vote for Shawn and Mark and Melissa and Tony! I just adore that show. Half the time I really have to halt the urge to dance around my living room with an imaginary partner haha! Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Speaking of dancing...I went to Nichole's dance recital on Sunday, and I've never experienced a dance recital quite like that. She goes to a Christian dance academy, so all the dances were Christian songs, and the recital truly felt like a worship service. I was moved in more ways that one. My mind was spinning with thoughts of how God wires us to all worship in our own unique ways. Nichole is a dancer. My sister is an artist and a dancer. I'm a writer and a singer. God gives us talents so we can give them back to Him in worship. It's a beautiful, wonderful, mysterious cycle of love. How has God gifted you to worship?