Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Musings

Well, ladies and you all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Far too often, I let Thanksgiving pass me by without really taking the time to reflect on what God's blessed me with in the past year, but this year, Thanksgiving's just a little more meaningful. God's been so good since last Thanksgiving, and I'm so honored that He's my Provider. So in old-school first-grade style, here's a list of things I'm thanking God for this week:
  • For all the incredible friends and family God has allowed to journey through life with me and for the encouragement and joy they bring
  • For a comfy place to call my own
  • For a beautiful group of 7th grade girls that has brightened my world and taught me new ways to think of God
  • For giving...and taking away...and knowing when it's right to do both
  • For His perfect timing and protection
  • For continuing to stick by me no matter what life throws at me
  • For amazing role models and mentors who treat me like family
  • For Love that has changed who I am
  • For being my Healer and for curing cancer!
  • For showing me what it really means to grow up
  • For the opportunity to go back to school and study to become a professional nerd (a.k.a. librarian)...something I know I'm going to adore
  • For revealing a little more of Himself each day
  • For helping me realize I'm right where He wants me to be
  • For the cross and the freedom it brings
  • For the power of the resurrection in daily life
  • For His strength
  • For hope for the future
I pray that you can find a few minutes amidst the hectic holiday hassles to thank Him. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you all. :) Now, go pig out, but save some cranberry sauce for me!

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